Tasks help you plan complex activities. The lesson plan, cooking recipes, shopping lists are collections that consist of components that can be presented with symbols. In addition, we can set a specific time for their implementation.

To create a new task, go to the templates tab. The task placed there in the form of a template can be used many times.

Description of available tabs:

 Tasks for today and temporary.
 Tasks written on a weekly schedule.
 Create templates for new tasks.

  1. Add a new task template.
  2. List of created templates.

Description of the buttons visible on the template:

 Add a symbol to the template.
 Delete the template.
 Add a temporary job. It will be displayed in the current tasks, but it will not be marked with the completion time.
 Edit the completion time for the task.

The current tasks are as follows:

On the right next to the task, the assigned hours for the task and the time bar for this task are displayed.

By pressing individual symbols in the task, we mark them as done, which is visible by their fading out.

Schedule with a weekly plan: