This is where we have access to the most important features of Things I Mean. Here we start our work with the application.

  1. Communication book - allows you to create expressions using symbols arranged in communication books.
  2. Messenger - is the simplest form of communication using tables with symbols and associated expressions.
  3. Symbol database - allows you to view, edit and create new symbols.
  4. Moving to the next functions.

  1. Go to previous functions.
  2. Passport - contains information about the user.
  3. Tasks - allows you to plan activities using symbols.
  4. Settings - allows you to configure the application according to the user's requirements.
  5. Entertainment - games that help shape visual perceptiveness and eye-hand coordination.
  6. Resources - access to local and cloud-based materials.
  7. Exit - exit the application.

The bar on the left also includes buttons:

Return to the main view. Wherever you are, you can always return to the main view with this button.
Launch the TIM application keyboard.

At the top on the right, there is a button to go to the settings.

Application settings.