Download TIM 2.71 for Android (tablet, smartphone)

Changes in version 2.71:

  1. Fixed problem with changing table / book in big button mode.
  2. Fixed application error caused by black and white symbols. Symbols in the selection of boards and books.
  3. Hiding the expression beam in the communication book.
  4. Adding your own phrases to the expression.
  5. Editing a symbol in the communication book regardless of its counterpart in the symbol database, including:
    • change the name of the symbol
    • font color change
    • change the symbol background
    • hide the symbol
  6. Improvements in the interface, including:
    • improved button organization
    • improved display of symbols in grids
  7. Improved word prediction in the Tim built-in keyboard.
  8. Loading multiple photos from the gallery into the symbol base for Windows and Android from version 4.3.
  9. Update of native tools and the development environment.
  10. Smaller download size.

Date of publishing the version: 19.09.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX

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