Pictogram database

Application Things I Mean has a built-in database of over 1000 pictograms cataloged in dozens of categories. Thanks to the arrangement, we are able to arrange our own structures in a very simple way and use them to create expressions.

Examples of categories:  Food, Parts of speech, Animals, People, Family, Body parts, Body, Face, Appearance, Relationships / relationships, Feelings, Important life events, Professions, Health, Disease, Time expressions, Holidays, Containers, Colors, Shapes, Numbers, Home, Entertainment, School activities, Games, Sports, Leisure, Phrases, Questions, Places.

Moreover, in order to maintain the linguistic correctness of the expressions read out, each pictogram has a defined part of speech, variant and position in the structure. Pictograms are divided into nouns, adjectives and verbs, and thus each type has its own inflection. Thanks to this description, we are able to receive sentences with the correct inflection.