The games included in the application are based on the use of symbols also used for communication. They help to assimilate symbols as well as shape visual perceptiveness and visual-motor coordination.

  1. Puzzle - a game of arranging symbols from their fragments on time.
  2. Ninja - in this game we earn points for efficiently slicing fruit and vegetables that appear on the screen. Cut as much as possible at a time and watch out for bombs.
  3. Crush - In this game, points are awarded for arranging the same symbols - as many as possible - on one line.

All games have the ability to choose a difficulty level adapted to the user's skills.

After selecting a game, the following view appears on the screen:

  1. Fun name and description.
  2. Difficulty level selection.
  3. Table of the best results.
  4. Back to the fun selection.
  5. With the button Play we move on to the fun.