Things I Mean + Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.4 ″ LTE + ARMORED CASE

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Application Things I Mean has a basic base over 1500 original pictograms, which help the user in everyday functioning in various surroundings. Each symbol graphically represents the meaning of the word a speech synthesizer makes it possible to transform it into sound. 

In addition to the ready-made symbols available in the application, each user can create or save their own ones that best suit their needs photos surrounding objects. 

Prepared and saved symbols allow for stacking own structures and creating complex expressions. 

Registered users have the ability to communicate with each other using the built-in messenger and transferring the symbols you have created.

The application is very intuitive and user-friendly and offers great configuration options for a specific recipient. 

Additionally, there is a tab in the application Passport containing a lot of information about the user. 

In addition to the application, the set includes a tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.4 ”LTE and an armored case. This is the option that our users choose most often - for people who, for various reasons, have problems with communication, but do not have mobility limitations. It is also a convenient option - the recipient receives the product configured and ready for use.

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