The communication book is a place prepared with the thought of arranging expressions from symbols from the book adapted to the user's needs.

  1. A beam with a stacked expression
    1. Clicking on an element in the beam deletes it
    2. Elements can be swapped with each other
  2. Communication book in the form of catalogs.
    1. Pressing the selected element opens the catalog (elements without borders) or adds a symbol to the expression (elements with borders).
    2. Holding an item magnifies and reads it. There, using the add button, we can add the selected element to the expression.

The meaning of the individual elements:

Deleting elements on an expression beam.
Switch to editing the book.
Book selection.
Insert text into a sentence.
Hide / show the expression panel.
Display your favorite phrases.
Speech synthesis - reading a structured phrase.

In menu    the following items are available for this view:

 Reads the stacked phrase.
 Deletes a stacked expression.
 Finds a pictogram.
 Converts text entered into symbols.
 Opens the communication book selection window.
 Categorizes the selected communication book by dividing symbols into individual parts of speech (persons, nouns, verbs, etc.)
 It opens the auxiliary panel with the option of selecting an additional communication book.
 Hide / show the expression panel.
 Adds the arranged phrase to favorites.
 Opens a window with saved favorite phrases.
 Saves the selected page of the Communication Book directory to an image.
 Saves the stacked expression to the image.
 It allows you to share an expression using tools such as email, messenger.
 Saves the selected directory of the communication book to a pdf file.
 Opens the configuration window for the communication book display.
 Return to the main application panel.

After going to editing   we have the following options available:

Change the order for the selected symbol in the book.
Moving the selected symbol to a different location.
Editing the selected symbol in the book (described below).
Deletion of the selected symbol from the book.
Add a symbol to the book.

When editing a symbol in the communication book, we can modify the symbol using the following window:

  1. Change the name of the symbol.
  2. Choice of font color.
  3. Choice of symbol background color.
  4. Whether the symbol should be visible (we can hide the symbol).