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Symbol database to use on PC

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Good morning 🙂 I'm back after a break and of course I'm starting to have questions 😉 Would you be able to create a symbol base or access to using them on a computer? I know that I can print the entire board, but e.g. if I want to create a book for participant reading I have to print the text and stick symbols separately. Possibly cut out somehow. Or maybe you could copy them and myk to word 😉 Yours sincerely

Martin Kubasik
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Hello 🙂 Using the TIM application, we can print the entire prepared book thanks to the export to a pdf file. To do this, in the Communication Book, click on the menu (three white stripes under the house on the yellow bar), select "Save as PDF", adjust the page's appearance and select Export.

If we would like to use symbols from the TIM application in a different way, create materials with them outside the application, we have provided a package with symbols for this purpose. It is available at:

Best regards 😀