Welcome! In this tab you will find answers to frequently asked questions. The list of questions is constantly being expanded, so if you do not find the answer here - contact us.
1. I cannot see the Polish teacher in the application settings (Android).

The application uses the Android system lectors installed on the device. Most likely, an appropriate teacher has not been installed in the system or a given teacher for this device is not available. go to Settings and bookmarks Accessibility (Accessibility). Then go to the tab Text-to-speech and in the settings Install voice data in the correct language.

2. I cannot see the Polish teacher in the application settings (WINDOWS 10).
Most likely, the voice data for the language is not installed. In Windows, go to: Settings> Time and language> Region and Language and from the section languages choose Polish language. Then go to Options and download the data in the section Speech.

3. I cannot see the Polish teacher in the application settings (WINDOWS 7).

Most likely, the voice data for the language is not installed. Download the voiceover installer: https://www.tim-aac.com/files/VoicesInstaller.exe . Run the installer and select the Polish (Poland) Paulina option and confirm the installation with the "Install Selected Voice" button. To check if the voice is installed, select Start, enter the phrase "text to speech", select the displayed item and expand the available languages. As in the picture below.

Now we can turn on the Tim application and select a new language.

4. Can an application purchased once be installed on several devices?

Each purchased application is associated with the allocation of one license key, which can only be activated on one device. Thus, one purchased application can be installed on one device. If necessary, it is possible to return the license and transfer it to another device (Settings-> Profile-> Return license). Please note that returning a license removes all user data and changes (including symbols, books and tables) from the device. Before returning the license, it is recommended to make a backup (Settings-> Profile-> Backups-> New backup), and placing resources in the cloud (Resources-> My resources) in order to be able to download them on another device. Both the return of the license and the reuse of the key require Internet access.

5. How can I protect my content?

The easiest way to save your content is to make a backup (Settings-> Profile-> Backups-> New copy). All backup files are located in the directory TIM_Backups on the device, from where we can copy them, e.g. to our computer. Another convenient way is to place your resources in the cloud (Resources-> My resources).

6. How to transfer the license to another device?

Transferring a license requires Internet access. To transfer a license, go to on the device to which the license is currently assigned Settings-> Profile-> Return license. The application will display a message asking if you really want to return the license. Please note that returning the license will erase all data from the device. If you want to keep your materials, place them in the cloud, which will allow you to download them on another device assigned to the same license, or make a backup (Settings-> Profile-> Backups-> New backup)to keep your data for later app license restoration on the same device. Granting consent to the deletion will result in displaying a message with a text field to which we will rewrite the security code. After correct code rewriting and confirmation, the application will delete all data and restart without a license. A license key entry form will appear on the screen. Now we can enter the license key on another device.

7. What are the recommended technical requirements for an Android device?

Android operating system, version min. 6.0
Processor frequency 1200 MHz
1,5GB RAM memory
Built-in memory 8GB
Built-in camera
Internet access (when first started). Devices with weaker specifications should also be able to run the application. We recommend that you test the device on the Demo version first.

8. Message: "For security reasons, the tablet is blocked from installing applications from unknown sources." when installing on an Android device.

By default, Android does not allow the installation of applications from outside the Google Play Store. To enable the installation of Tim application, enter the settings, in the "Lock screen and security" tab, select the "Unknown sources" option and allow the installation.

During installation, it looks like the video below:

9. When starting the application, the anti-virus displays a message about a dangerous file (WINDOWS).

The message looks like the image below or something similar:

The cause of the problem is that the antivirus program has blocked the application. To run the application, we need to go to the antivirus settings on our computer. There we find the "exclusions" or "exclusions" item (this item can be hidden under one of the tabs in the settings or in the advanced settings and appear under a different name depending on the software). Under this item, we add a new path to the directory where the TIM application is located. We save and close the antivirus settings. Now we can start the TIM application. In case of problems with the configuration of the anti-virus, please contact us by e-mail or telephone for help.

10. When running the application installer, the message "Windows has protected this computer" (WINDOWS) is displayed.

The message looks like the image below:

The message is displayed because Windows is blocking the launch of applications from unknown sources. To run the installer, select "More info" and then "Run anyway".

11. When importing photos from the gallery, I get the message “Image download failed” (ANDROID).

The problem is most likely due to improper communication with the gallery on the device. To fix the problem, please use a different application that is launched from the default to view the device's photo gallery. To select a different application, expand the menu (upper-left corner of the screen), and then select one of the available items. An example of the application selection is presented in the photo below:

12. The application is displayed with black stripes on the sides
  1. Click the right mouse button on the TIM application icon and go to "Properties"

2. In the "Compatibility" tab, check the "Run in 640 × 480 screen resolution" option and select "OK" (if the system asks you to confirm the action as Administrator, also confirm it with the "OK" button)

3. Start the TIM application - the program will start in a lower resolution - then exit the application.

4. Again go to "Properties" of the TIM application to the "Compatibility" tab (as in step 1) and uncheck the option "Run in 640 × 480 screen resolution" and select "OK".

5. The application should display correctly.