The Things I Mean app has a comprehensive set of tools for modifying and creating new symbols. To create a new symbol, go to the symbol database and press the button in the editing mode . In order to modify a symbol, select the selected symbol and choose the editing option from the options available in the top panel. If the symbol is one of the basic ones, i.e. delivered with the application, you will be asked whether to create a copy of the symbol. This is because we cannot modify the basic symbols, but we can create our own new symbols based on them.

After switching to the symbol edition, the following view is available:

  1. The sheet on which we compose our symbol. The added layers (point 3) are displayed here, which we can move, scale and rotate with two fingers.
  2. Symbol name. Here we can modify it.
  3. Added layers in the form of a list with the possibility of changing the order - it is also the order of displaying on the sheet, with the possibility of deleting.

The meaning of individual buttons:

Add a layer from the device gallery.
Add a Camera Layer.
Add a layer from an existing symbol.
Add a layer from the drawing tool.
Delete layer.
Move layer up, draw later on top.
Move the layer down, draw in advance, on the bottom.
Combine visible layers and combine with canvas, clears the layer list at the same time. The button is visible when there are layers on the list.
Opens a drawing tool. The button is visible when there are no layers on the list.
Rotate the image clockwise.
Image reflection (left-right).
Image reflection (up-down)
Accept the changes made.
Cancel your changes.

The drawing tool is presented below:

  1. A sheet on which we can draw. Using two fingers we can move, zoom in and out of the sheet.
  2. Toolkit. Description of individual buttons:
Undo the last change.
Repeat it.
Draw with a pencil.
Insert a circle.
Insert a rectangle.
Insert a line.
Insert a square.
Fill the area with color.
Move the sheet.
Get a color from the sheet.
Change the color. Displays the selected color.
Tool size.
Clean the sheet.

Symbol edit menu  looks like below:

Confirm the changes made.
Define the linguistic form of the symbol to maintain grammatical correctness when building expressions.
Manage synonyms to improve the symbol-by-word recognition process.
Manage suggestions to help you build expressions. Decide what the application should suggest when building an expression after selecting a given symbol.
Browse the children (what other symbols are behind the symbol). When a symbol has children, it becomes a directory.
Browse the parents (under which symbols / directories the symbol is hidden).

The following are examples of defined parts of speech:

For the noun

For the verb:

For the adjective:

For a person: