It is possible to obtain funding for the TIM communicator. Among others, with PCPR or PEFRON on the communicator as well as related accessories, such as switch, mounting, etc.


Co-financing of the elimination of communication barriers and technical barriers

Applications can be submitted at the County Family Support Center. - here you can find a point in your area


Technical barriers should be understood as barriers that hinder or prevent a disabled person from functioning in society. The elimination of this barrier should make such a person work more efficiently in society and enable him to function in everyday life.
Communication barriers are defined as limitations that prevent or hinder a disabled person from freely communicating and / or transmitting information. The elimination of this barrier should enable people with disabilities to communicate and transfer information more efficiently and freely.
The purchase of equipment aimed at eliminating communication and technical barriers may be co-financed from the funds of the State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons.


Natural persons (including minors) may apply for co-financing from the Fund's resources, tasks related to the elimination of communication and technical barriers, if their implementation will enable or significantly facilitate the performance of basic, everyday activities or contacts with the environment by a disabled person, provided that it is justified by the needs resulting from their disability. Persons interested in receiving funding in the field of eliminating communication and technical barriers must meet the following conditions:
1.have a certificate of disability or a degree of disability (or its equivalent), and in the case of children and adolescents up to 16 years of age, a disability certificate,
2. have needs in this regard, resulting from a disability, confirmed (if the type of disability is not specified in the certificate) by a valid medical certificate.


The amount of co-financing for the elimination of communication and technical barriers is up to 95% of the project costs, but not more than up to fifteen times the average salary. The appropriate percentage of funding is determined by the commission at the beginning of the year after receiving funding from PFRON
Funding for the removal of communication and technical barriers may be awarded to the applicant once every three years.
An application on behalf of a disabled person may also be submitted by a statutory representative, legal representative, guardian established by a court decision or a representative
The application must be accompanied by the required documents as follows:

1. a copy of the current certificate of disability or an equivalent certificate, in the case of children under 16, a certificate of disability.
2. a declaration of a disabled person or a parent (guardian) of a disabled child with average monthly income (reduced by the amount of advance payment for personal income tax, contributions for retirement, disability and sickness insurance, as specified in the provisions on the social insurance system, and the amount of maintenance provided by persons remaining in the common household for the benefit of other persons) per one member of the common household, calculated for the last three months preceding the month in which the application is submitted,
3.a photocopy of the document constituting the legal guardianship of the charge applies to legal guardians,
4. current medical certificate containing information about the type of disability of the applicant, if the type of disability is not specified in the certificate,
5. a price offer for the purchase of the device (including assembly),
6.documents confirming the financing of the task from other sources, if any,
The basis for co-financing from the Fund's resources is an agreement concluded by the Plenipotentiary of PFRON funds with a disabled person, in the scope of co-financing the elimination of communication or technical barriers

Form for issuing a pro forma invoice: