Demo version

Demo version The Things I Mean app has full pictogram database [over 1100 symbols] and the possibility of unlimited creation of boards, books and your own pictograms. Unfortunately, it has a few limitations:

Application limitations:

  • the application has certain limits in the creation of materials. The maximum number of selected materials is as follows:
    • number of own symbols - 10
    • number of communication books - 3
    • number of communication boards - 3
    • number of elements in the communication board - 10
    • favorite expressions - 5
  • the application requires an internet connection immediately after turning on and once every (after losing internet, you have enough time to reconnect or finish an activity you started)
  • the application has pictograms in reduced resolution (150 × 150)
  • the application, due to the lack of registration, cannot use the resources function (sharing resources with friends)

What the full version (over demo) gives:

  • There are no restrictions on creating your own materials
  • In the full version, a connection is required only once to download symbols - then use the application no limits, also offline!
  • The full version has symbols in full resolution [1000 × 1000]
  • Use the resources feature - create symbols, books and boards and share them with your friends
  • Download from our site boards and books prepared by us
The application is available here (Version Windows and Android):