Demo version of Things I Mean now available for PC and Android!

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Use ready-made pictograms and create your own. Build arrays and structures. Communicate using a synthesizer and recorded commands. No limits.

Choose pictograms and arrange phrases

The application allows you to compose multi-element expressions while maintaining linguistic correctness

Create thematic boards with ready-made phrases

Unlimited number of boards that you can share with others

How it works?


Use the 1500+ database and create your own!

Arrays and structures

Based on pictograms, create communication structures and boards

Use and share

Communicate using boards and exchange them with your friends

"We are redefining the concept of alternative communication"

Cloud TIM

Download ready-made structures from the built-in TIM service. Dozens of ready-made resources are waiting for you.

Built-in games

Games based on pictograms teach while having fun.


Create your profile with a description in the form of text and images to quickly introduce yourself to your surroundings

Pictogram database

The Things I Mean application has a built-in database of over 1000 pictograms cataloged in dozens of categories ...

Pictogram editor

The application allows you to create your own pictograms in a simple and convenient way for us ...

Create expressions

Choose pictograms and create sentences from them ...

Communication boards

TIM allows the user to create any number of communication boards ...

Speech synthesis and teacher

The application reads all text messages and sentences. You can also record your own command ...

TIM Community

Create and share resources. Add friends, share and download new ...

Media about TIM

Communication with pictograms: such an application has never been seen before

The company from Jasionka has created an application for communication of disabled people

In the Incubator, they created an application for communication of disabled people

The company from Jasionka has created an application for communication of disabled people